Get the roof you need with convenient financing solutions!

Get the roof you need with convenient financing solutions!

Assisting Regina With Hail & Wind Damage

Restoring Storm Damaged Roofs

Has Your Roof Been Damaged by Regina's Harsh Storms?

Saskatchewan Hail & wind storms can wreak havoc on your roof, leading to leaks, damage, and the need for immediate repairs. At Wiebe's Roofing, we specialize in hail and wind restoration, helping homeowners in Regina and surrounding areas get their asphalt roofs back in top condition.
Our experienced team understands the urgency and complexity of weather damage repairs, and we're here to provide prompt and reliable service.

Haag Certified Inspector Regina

Haag Certified Inspectors

Wiebe's Roofing is proud to be Haag Certified, a prestigious certification in the roofing industry. This certification demonstrates our expertise in assessing and identifying storm-related damage, particularly hail damage. For homeowners, working with a Haag Certified roofing contractor means they can trust in the accuracy and professionalism of our roof inspections and claim assessments, ensuring you receive the proper compensation from their insurance company for storm damage.

Get a Second Opinion From Your Hail Claim Experts

At Wiebe's Roofing, we understand the stress and confusion that can come with hail and wind damage to your roof. Our team has extensive experience working with insurance providers to ensure our clients receive fair compensation and full replacement coverage when warranted. If you suspect hail damage or notice your neighbours are getting replacements, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Even if you've been told by insurance that you didn't have enough damage, our second opinion can provide a detailed report to help you get the coverage you deserve. Trust Wiebe's Roofing to restore your peace of mind and your roof shingles.

Hail Storm Damage Inspection

Our Hail & Storm Roof Restoration Services Include

Thorough Inspection

We assess the extent of the damage to your roof and provide a detailed report for homeowners and their insurance provider.

Quality Materials

We use high-quality materials for all storm repairs and replacements, ensuring durability that will withstand future storms.

Emergency Repairs

We offer emergency repairs to prevent further damage while claim is being approved.

Expert Installation

Our team of skilled roofers ensures that all repairs and replacements are done with precision and care.

Insurance Assistance

We work and have relationships with insurance companies to ensure a smooth claims process.

Invoice Insurance Provider

Most insurance providers allow us to directly bill them, giving homeowners the convenience to relax and enjoy their newly replaced roofing system.

Take The Next Step

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